Thursday, March 29, 2012

GO WILD AT GOFAVOR.COM is a website stocking all kinds of jewelry, hair accessories and gifting supplies. With super affordable fashion accessories and free shipping on all orders over $15, daily specials, clearance and special deals you're sure to find a little treat. It's safe to say, there's definately something for everyone on this website.

I especially like their vintage inspired jewelry and their range of necklaces ~ from bib style to pendants, chokers, charms lockets and layered pieces.

Some examples of what I found on
"Fashion Champagne Flower Bib Necklace" $3.99


Fun for Hello Kitty lovers with this inspired, wrap bracelet....

"Fashion Drip Oil Bow Leather Wrap Bracelet" $5.99

"Vintage Multicolor Peacock Dangle Earrings"  $6.99

"Vintage Engraved Heart, Key & Pearl Pin Brooch"  $3.99

"Elegant Gold White Pearls Beaded Strand Bracelet"  $4.99

"Vintage Long Chain Heart Pendant Rhinestone Locket Necklace" $6.99

See for yourself at

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